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The MCTFT program is active on a national level by conducting training programs for Law Enforcement Drug Conferences and Narcotic Officers Association Conferences. Hosts may pick and choose among many available topics to build the training series that meets their specific needs.

For scheduling speakers at your next conference, please contact Tom Ward (727) 344-8042 or Jack Montgomery (727) 344-8009.

Conference schedule and contacts

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New Conference / CAT Topics:
  Criminal Apprehension Tactics
  Effective Patrol Utilization of K-9
  Identifying Characteristics of the Armed Gunman (4 hour)
  Identifying Hidden Weapons
  Looking Beyond the Arrest
  Risk Avoidance for Drug Enforcement Officers
  Surviving Hidden Weapons
  Tactics for the Street
Available Conference / CAT Topics:
Clandestine Laboratory Topics
   Clandestine Laboratory Evidence Collection
Clandestine Laboratory Overview
Trends in the Meth Trade
Rolling Clan Labs and Precursor Identification
Drug Interdiction Topics
   Airport Interdiction
Commercial Bus Interdiction
Commercial Vehicle Interdiction
Criminal Interdiction: Putting It To Work
Drug Parcel Interdiction
Hotel/Motel Interdiction
Mexican Drug Trafficking

Pitfalls of Highway Interdiction

Religion and The Drug Trafficker
Rental Vehicle Interdiction
Stash House Interdiction
Storage Unit Interdiction
Street-Level Interdiction
Train Interdiction
Truck Stop Interdiction
Vehicle Interdiction: The Complete Vehicle Stop
Gang Topics
   Asian Gangs Overview
  Criminal Street Gangs Introduction
  Criminal Street Gangs MS-13
  Drugs and Outlaw Bikers
  Gang Prosecution Techniques Overview
formerly titled Investigative Theory for RICO & CCE
  Gangs: Secret Codes, Signs, Symbols - Revised
  Outlaw Gang Motorcycle Incidents
  Street Gangs: Overview of the Prison Connection
Interview Topics
   Eye Accessing
Interviews & Body Language
Undercover Topics
Female Undercover Operations
Pitfalls in Undercover Work
Reality of Undercover
Risk Management in Undercover Operations
Undercover Operations Overview
Undercover Operations And Tactical Responses
Undercover Operations And Tactical Responses for Supervisors
Undercover Techniques for Male/Female Teams
Undercover Violence
Use of Drug Informants
Other Topics
Asset Forfeiture Overview
   Canine Interdiction
Career Survival Strategies Overview
Consensual Encounter Techniques
Courtroom Testimony Overview
Criminal Apprehension Tactics
Current Drug Crisis: Bath Salts & Opiates
Current Drug Trends Overview
Drug Enforcement Techniques for the Patrol Officer
Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault Overview
Drug Sting Operations
Drugs, Violence and Music
Effective Patrol Utilization of K-9
Elements of Conspiracy
Evolution of Drug Abuse
Financial Investigations Overview
Heroin: America's New Youth Menace
Heroin: Awareness for the LE Officer
Identifying Characteristics of Armed Criminals (4 hour)
Identifying Drugged Persons
Identifying Hidden Weapons
Identity Theft and the Drug Connection Overview
Internet Investigations (for the Narcotics Enforcement Detective)
Knock and Talk
Leadership in Police Narcotics Units
Marijuana Indoor Grow Investigations
Marijuana Outdoor Grow Investigations
Money Laundering Introduction
Money Laundering - Proving Illegal Funds
N.A.R.C. - Making the Transition into Narcotics
Overdose America Overview
Pawnshop Drug Investigations
Pharmaceutical Drug Investigations Overview
Preserving Computerized Drug Evidence
Probation and Parole: A Narc's Best Friend
Risk Avoidance for Drug Enforcement Officers
Rogue Officer
Sources of Information
Specialized Electronics
Stages of Any Covert Operation
Supervising Counterdrug Operations Overview
Surveillance Operations Overview
Surviving Hidden Weapons
Tactical Drug Raid Planning and Supervision
Tactics for the Street
Talking Hands Overview
Use of PowerPoint for Successful Prosecution of Drug Cases
Vehicle Searches and Hidden Compartments
Violence and Money in the Drug Trade
Workable Approach To Search and Seizure
Working with the Media for the Narcotics Officer

 Conference Schedule and Contacts
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