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Criminal Street Gangs Investigations

Course Length: 2 days (16 hours)
MCTFT Coordinator: Gail Walker (727) 344-8020

This course is designed for the uniformed patrol officer or investigator. This course will develop an in-depth understanding of the origins, methods of operation, criminality and drug activity of the most commonly encountered criminal street gangs throughout the country. This understanding will then facilitate the identification and investigation of criminal street gang members. This course is designed to provide a comprehensive working knowledge of criminal street gangs.

Note: This course includes material from Criminal Street Gangs Awareness.

Course Objectives

  • Identify and classify criminal street gang members and associates.
  • Describe the history of gang alliances and rivalries specific to traditional and non-traditional criminal street gangs.
  • Discuss methods of operation commonly used by criminal street gangs.
  • Read and analyze criminal street gang graffiti.
  • Describe law enforcement strategies for documentation, suppression and prosecution of gangs.
  • Describe specific officer safety issues critical for street gang encounters.

Overview of topics

  • Definitions and the Law
  • Gang Ideology
  • Recruiting and Membership
  • Gang Evolution and History
  • Gang Typology and Criminal Activities
  • Major National Gangs
  • Gang Identification and Documentation
  • Law Enforcement Strategies
  • Officer Safety

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